The Color Run - New Jersey [2012]

A few weeks ago, I found out that a few of my good friends were going to participate in a 5k, but as I learned more about it I found out that it was not your typical 5k!  Ever hear of the Indian Festival of Colors, called "Holi"?  Well, it's like that - but at every 'k', you get a bunch of colored powder thrown at you, and it's the most amazing thing :)

This shoot was about several things for me:

1) Don't miss out on opportunities like this - even if it's a Saturday morning and I have to wake up at 5.   Who wouldn't want to shoot something as visual striking as "The Color Run"?!?

2) Try out a new type of photography:  Up till now, I've always taken natural light / photo-journalistic type of photos, but I wanted to venture into "editorial/portraiture" type of photography with artificial lighting.  Jeremy Cowart is one of my heroes in great lighting for photography - but i'm just a fan of his overall work and his life.  You'll definitely see some of his influence in my work if you look carefully.  Speaking of which - huge shout out to my good friends Tony Yang and Albert Cheung for helping me figure and experiment w/ lighting.  I'm having so much fun with it.

3. As mentioned in my bio, I am incredibly sentimental.  I thought, if I had a group of good friends and I did something like this w/ them, it'd be so cool to have that documented for me.  And so, this is a little gift for them :)

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